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August 22, 2019, 3:08 am
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Missing Person :: Candace Amanda Shpeley ::

KENOSTATS monitors B.C. KENO, we do not predict which numbers will be drawn we just show you, How the numbers from the previous draws are doing. The site updates fast and uses pools to help separate numbers and draws.


This has been tested for single numbers and combinations with the winning responses saved. 6 to 10 Number combinations should only be played from the largest of the pools. Use the first couple of draws and then reduce them.

A player could run each of the previous draws and get a different set numbers and/or the single numbers to make combinations. Use Multipool mode and pick the different numbers from each pool and mix them up into combinations.    

KENOSTATS is a new way to look at Keno. We have given the player a chance to double his wager and never lose. Caution chasing the single number can take a while and a large bankroll. The single/last number is the only number left to be drawn. A WINNER


Single numbers are the guaranteed winners if betted as that number and followed to a win, just by doubling up your bet if missed on that draw or the next draws. It has to come in sooner or later and is more valuable with each missed draw. Knowing that you “win it all back”, plus double the first wager. Expensive but a guaranteed winner every time it is played like that.



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