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August 22, 2019, 3:18 am
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KENOSTATS is designed to monitor the draws for B.C. KENO in real time. It looks at each draw as a POOL of 80 numbers. There are winning numbers and missed numbers, but no losing numbers. Just numbers waiting to be drawn and decreasing with each draw.


The twenty winning numbers are displayed in BOARD mode, a separate page.  Players can see the patterns made by the numbers drawn and the numbers. See which of the same winning numbers keeps getting redrawn over and over with each new draw. See how many draw boards it took to finish off any of the previous draws.


The missed numbers are displayed in couple of different POOL modes. These are the next winning numbers. To be drawn in the upcoming draws. These pools of missed numbers are depleted with each new draw. Reducing the amount of numbers left in the remaining pool. A player can switch between the different modes for EACH DRAW being tracked.


With each new draw KENOSTATS adjusts the POOLS of numbers to create more pools. Kenostats has downloaded all the previous draws from the B.C. Lotteries Keno site and

Kenostats updates each time the player logs in and then the pools are automatically update for every draw.


Every new pool/draw starts with the 60 numbers missed and is reduced by the next set of winning numbers, until that pool is depleted of all the remaining numbers. The pool only has the numbers left in it from its first draw, to the last number drawn from that pool.

Only a percentage of the numbers in any pool can be drawn. Depending on the position of the pool and the amount of numbers still left in that pool. When “all numbers in this pool have been drawn.”  It shows the end of that pool of numbers.


A repeating pool means ZERO numbers were drawn from that pool on the last draw. This can increase the amount of numbers drawn from that pool on the upcoming draw or it can be that single number that is waiting to be drawn next or next or next. It will be DRAWN. Each draw/pool will create a different set of numbers. With every pool begin reduced to a single number. Sometimes a small group of numbers, which will all, be drawn together.


There are three different modes for viewing the pools, Normal, Advanced and Multipool. Enter in YOUR draw number and check out that pool. Switch between the different modes. Look at board mode to see the winning numbers drawn and the amount boards.


Normal and Advance reduce the pool/draw in the same way. The next winning numbers reduces the first pool. Then it is reduced again with the next set of winning numbers. Until that pool is empty. Except in the advanced mode you see the winning numbers listed below. Allowing for monitoring of the winning numbers for those previous pools.


Multipool Mode allows for the viewing of many different pools, it only displays the last remaining numbers for those pools of numbers. It is a separate pool of numbers for each new draw and it tracks those numbers for that pool only. See how the pool above has the same numbers as the lower pool, plus it has it‘s own numbers for that draw. It shows single numbers and group of numbers for many draws. See repeating pools of numbers.


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