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Missing Person :: Candace Amanda Shpeley ::

IMPROVING THE ODDS FOR PLAYERS monitors B.C. Keno in realtime and displays the stats for all 80 numbers.

-- See which numbers have not been drawn --

-- See which numbers are being drawn again and again; see patterns made by each draw --

-- Find the last number "left" to be drawn next? "Winning" as a single number everytime ! --

-- Use a single number as part of two number combination winning even more when drawn. --

-- Pick better combinations by seeing how all 80 numbers are arranged from previous draws. --

-- Statistical information available from draw #1 allowing the ability to check the previous draws. --


See the actual results from 3 years of betting done online at using the stats.

This website is powered by donations, so if you like our service consider donating to the cause.

KENOSTATS is based on the KENOPAYS a system designed to increase the odds for all keno games. See the last winning numbers. Know the last numbers for previous pools, look at the patterns from previous draws. Kenostats can be updated before the current draw ends. Improving your chances.

This site is dedicated to, Candace Shpeley who is a missing person. Please visit the site.


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